Upcoming short courses
PI41FCUC01A Farm Chemical UsersCharleston Road Campus16/10/2018$382.50
PI41FCRRMAFarm Chemical Refresher (Risk Management)Charleston Road Campus19/10/2018$220.50
SCNITPG Introduction to Pet GroomingCharleston Road Campus29/10/2018$450
B350AP01Police Entrance Exam PreparationBendigo City Campus30/10/2018$385
B340EL05 Testing and Tagging of portable electrical appliancesCharleston Road Campus5/11/2018$186
SCAB43CI01Construction InductionCharleston Road Campus6/11/2018$175
SCNADVPG Advanced Pet GroomingCharleston Road Campus12/11/2018$1570
B340EL12Licensing Electrical Assessment Coaching Safety (SWP)Charleston Road Campus13/11/2018$450
SCNTCE18HSR Refresher OHS training courseCity Campus16/11/2018$248
B340EL12Licencing of Electrical Assessments - Licence Exam Theory (LET)Charleston Road20/11/2018$480
SCNTSC105HSR Initial OHS training courseBendigo City Campus26/11/2018$900
B340EL12 Licensing Electrical Assessment Coaching Practical (LEP)City Campus26/11/2018$450
SCAB43CI01Construction InductionCharleston Road Campus4/12/2018$175
B340EL05 Testing and TaggingCharleston Road Campus10/12/2018$186


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