25+ years 

Are you looking to change your job, start a new career or enhance your existing qualifications?

If it’s been years since you’ve picked up a text book, it might seem a bit daunting but Bendigo TAFE can ease you into the study environment. It’s easier than you think, you just need to take the first step.

We have over 100 qualifications to get you on track to your new path, or you could start with
a short course

Learning new skills

Learning new skills or upskilling years after you completed school can lead to questions that might deter you from making the decision to just do it. 
At Bendigo TAFE it’s a different style of learning to what it was like at school, you choose a course which is more relevant, you are more likely to enjoy it and achieve your goals. You can use your existing knowledge to apply to your learning experiences. 
There are many benefits to upskilling as an adult, here’s just a few to get
you thinking:
​ ​
​Better prospects and better pay. tick Increased job satisfaction.
tick ​Learning specifically to meet your needs. tick ​​Better quality of life through learning.
tick ​Formal recognition for the skills you already have. tick ​Personal growth and development.

What are your options?

It doesn’t matter what your current skills are, we can set you on a path to change your life.
While some TAFE and training courses have no entrance requirements, some require that you finish up to Year 10 or Year 12 level. Other courses may require you to have industry experience or be employed in a particular area. This information is outlined within each course under prerequisites. Some courses accept recognition of prior learning (RPL), where your previous learning can be credited towards your application for a course.
An advantage of studying at Bendigo TAFE is the flexible study options including online, distance learning, on-the-job or a combination of delivery methods. Choose the option which best suits your circumstances, this enables you to fulfil your responsibilities whilst studying. 
Read through our careers guide, we have over 100 courses to choose from. You can apply for our courses online and we’ll get in touch with you to finish the process and get you enrolled.
>> read more about the types of qualifications offered

Pathways to university

There are often many ways to achieve your career goals including formal and informal learning, employment and general life experience. Different courses can take you towards the same job or can act as stepping stones towards a career.
Bendigo TAFE has a number of formal arrangements in place with La Trobe University, Deakin University and Federation University.
Credits you receive from TAFE transfer to university and can take up to 18 months off your degree. The image below shows the different pathway choices at TAFE to get you to university.
pathway to university 

Affordable education

The cost of studying as an adult with existing financial commitments can seem overwhelming. There are a few options at to ease the load.
Short courses
Completing a short course may be the ticket you need to gain that promotion or pay rise at minimal cost. View our short courses here at our City Campus, Echuca or Castlemaine Campuses.
VET STUDENT LOANS is like HECS but for TAFE. The Australian Government provides support with a fee loan scheme. This way you can study a higher level certificate such as diploma or advanced diploma and defer your payments.
Part payment plan Part payment plans are available to our students and allow the cost of the course to be paid over a period of time.


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