Bendigo TAFE offering fusion welding courses to meet industry demand

Date: 21 July 2020

In response to industry demand Bendigo TAFE is offering two accredited fusion welding courses for experienced or transitioning welders, with enrolments now open.

Funded by a Department of Education and Training (DET) Regional and Specialist Training Fund (RSTF) grant in Engineering, the Course in Fusion Welding to ISO 9606 for Experienced Welders and the Course in Fusion Welding to ISO 9606 for Transition Workers are accredited by the Victorian Registrations and Qualifications Authority (VRQA).

Bendigo TAFE’s Executive Director of Studies - Automotive, Construction and Industrial, Joe Ballato, said that the courses were in response to the Welding Technology Institute of Australia (WTIA) highlighting an urgent need to build up the number of certified ISO 9606 welders in Australia.

“The standard is increasingly being specified for major manufacturing and engineering projects such as rail, light rail and tram production as well as for shipbuilding, aircraft manufacturing and defence force contracts. As well as these, ISO 9606 certified welders are also required for other major works projects such as rail tunnelling, bridge and building construction,” Mr Ballato said.

He continued, “the Victorian Government has committed to a significant number of rail expansion projects including a new rail tunnel, rail line extensions, rural rail upgrades and the removal of a significant number of level crossings. Each of these projects requires the skills of welders and increasingly, the welding specifications for these projects is ISO 9606.  

“In addition, Victoria has a significant ship building and public and defence transport manufacturing industry which is required to tender at the national and international level for ongoing project work. It is imperative that Victorian manufacturers are able to demonstrate they have the workforce capability to meet the requirements of the projects for which they are competing for. Welders with ISO 9606 certification contribute to this capability.”

The courses on offer will provide workers transitioning from other industries, such as former vehicle production workers, with the opportunity to retrain and become proficient welders first, before up-skilling to meet the requirements of ISO 9606.

Course start dates are:

22461VIC: Course in Fusion Welding to ISO 9606 for Transition Workers - 3 August 2020

22462VIC: Course in Fusion Welding to ISO 9606 for Experienced Welders - 5 October 2020

To find out more, or to enrol, go to or call 138 233.​