TAFE to University Pathway - Skye’s Story

TAFE to University Pathway - Kayla’s Story At 31 years old, Skye wanted to change careers and work in mental health. In order to achieve her dream however, would mean returning to school after ‘more than 10 years’, a concept she described as ‘daunting’.

Skye did her own research on the benefits of studying at TAFE vs. University and quickly learned about Bendigo TAFE’s pathway program, and the range of associated benefits.  Armed with the knowledge that a TAFE to University Pathway can offer a smoother educational transition, the potential to start earning money sooner and credits toward a degree, Skye enrolled in the   Diploma of Nursing (HLT54115) with Bendigo TAFE. She says TAFE also offered more structure to her learning timetable when compared to University, which was important to her.

For Skye, who had plans to one-day pathway into University, studying in the right learning environment was important, as it would set her up to transition into her Degree. She says TAFE equipped her with the ‘practical experience’ needed to ‘go to university with a really strong foundation of knowledge and skills’. ‘It really builds your confidence … you also get more exposure to giving medication and undertaking assessments’ Skye said.

Reflecting on her experience at Bendigo TAFE, Skye believes that the practical skills and confidence gained by completing TAFE placements prepares students for the future.  ‘TAFE gave us so much more practical experience. When you go to your first placement at University you have already done a placement and you feel more confident…more familiar with the agency’ says Skye

The skills and experience she gained studying the Diploma of Nursing (HLT54115) at Bendigo TAFE enabled Skye to find work in the health sector after graduating, a feat that would not have been possible without the TAFE to University pathway.

Skye is currently working, completing a Bachelor of Nursing at La Trobe University, and looks forward to a long career specialising in mental health.​​​